Super Cool Shoe Trends of the Year 2014

Fashion is an integral part of a woman’s life. And no wardrobe is complete without its share of shoes. As they say, you get dressed from head to toe! So brace yourself, I am going to share with you the latest shoe styles that will reinvent your wardrobe this 2014! Are you ready girls? Read on then…

Studded ballerina flats:

Ballerina shoes look great and are extremely high on comfort. But don’t opt for a plain colored or a simple ballerina. Instead opt for a stone studded ballerina flats. They are the latest trends this season. If stone encrustation is not your style then opt for a silver colored or golden brown one. They look extremely stylish and go with almost any attire.

Geometric Pumps:

Pumps in glossy leather with heels of different types are super cool. Neon colors are the in thing this year. You can opt for kitten heel, stiletto or 4 inch heels in these geometric pumps. They look great with almost all the attires.


This is one shoe style that will never go out of style and looks great with shorts and skirts. But this year, the gladiators are a bit different. They are no longer flat. They are available in different styles. Some with heels, some with sparkling embellishments while others have ankle booties.

 Animal print:

They look great everywhere. Whether you are wearing a top with animal prints, carry a bag with animal prints, a watch with animal prints or anything – they are a highly stylish element in anyone’s wardrobe. So this season get you share of animal prints in your shoes. You will be amazed at the variety that is available. Leopard, zebra, or python, tiger stripes – you name it and there it is. If you are interested to make a bold style statement than they are a must have in your wardrobe this year.

Women's Wedges:

This shoe is perfect for you if you are scared to wear stilettos. They are broader in their size compared to the pencil thin stilettos and hence provides a better grip to the wearer while walking. And the best part is they come in different designs and patterns. Jute and wood are some of them. You can opt for a neutral colored wedge or the ones in black and brown color.

The above mentioned are the top five Shoe Styles of the year 2014. You are getting a wide and diverse range of options to choose from and each one of them is distinctly different and unique in their own way. So no matter whatever you style you have got a lot of options from which you can easily experiment. You can flaunt a bold look with the animal print shoes, or display your feminine side with stone crusted ballerinas. And if you always wanted to wear heels but were scared of stilettos then wedges are the ones for you. Now you know what to opt for and look super stylish without compromising on the comfort factor.

Helen B. Styers has the passion on fashion world, celebrity gossips, latest fashion trends with various fashion accessories like baume watches, cartier watches etc.. She always shares vital information through her keen topics to help individuals find the best fashion styles that will suit them.