What Can Consumers Expect From Google Nexus 6 ?

New technology has birthed great Smartphone devices in the market. The consumer does not have to be weary of devices with lesser capacities in data storage, unclear images, slow processors, and non-attractive hardware. Rather, they can choose a device of their own taste and preference, thanks to technology.

Just a few months back, all the consumers run wild as they celebrated the release of Google Nexus 5.  The device offered what they loved and longed for in the Smartphone world. But these same consumers want more, and they are certain that Google Nexus 6 will actually be a better version of Nexus 5.

Consumers are looking forward to a device that has a better memory capacity, and that has super speed. They also indicate that they need a device that has longer battery life- longer than what is featured in Nexus 5.

From the reviews, the consumers are also indicating the need to have a better camera than that featured in Nexus 5. They say that the camera should enable them to take clear shots whether they are in dim areas or not. 

Competition pressures demand that Google comes up with a product that is out of this world. Without this, nexus 6 will not sell well. Already some tech giants are already releasing great devices with the exact specifications that the consumers have been searching for. To this end, Google should do everything within their means to keep consumers loyal to their devices.

Google promise consumers the following:

18MP camera with incredible optical image stabilization feature
64 and 128 GB internal storage versions
Android milk shake system
6.0 inches screen
60 hours of battery life
Octa processor

Some of the above features in Nexus 6 are given for the sake of consumer demand, while others will be made available because of competition.  This competition pressure may also see Google add features such as curved or flexible display or even wireless charging. Smartphone giants such as Samsung and HTC have indicated that their devices in 2014 will have most of the above features. This means that Google must sit down and re-strategize.

The full truth about Google Nexus 6 will be unveiled in October 2014. The release date will come at a time when many other competitors’ devices will be on sale in the market. It is this truth that will indicate how serious Google is in meeting consumer’s demands.

Author Bio:-  Swati is a tech blogger who likes to research and write about ravishing gadgets. In her spare time, she likes to read about the history of India as well as fictional stories. Follow her at Google+.